About Laura

Let me take you on the adventure that is Cosplay! I am Laura ‘’Laura Craft’’ Sipilä, an creative cosplayer, host, model & organizer. I’m not only known for my well-made costumes & cosplays but for my innovated ideas, solutions, creativitet of complexes costume problems & my present in front of the camera & on stage.

If you know about gaming you know about Lara Croft/Tomb Raider.. And that’s where it all started for me. I fell in love with the world of gaming & did a costume based upon this strong female that I did not only share the same first name as but was a character where I could go all out & use my background within acrobatics, doing flips & extreme posing!

For me it’s important to be able to go all out, press the limits while posing for the camera & acting on stage. I love to take it all out creating moment’s to long for leaving the audience & people I meet wanting more. Weather on stage, during a photoshoot, a interview, lecture or panel I make sure to create an connection & unforgettable moments. But even so, I’m always down-to-earth, relaxed & staying true to what got me into this field originally.

What I can offer you

etail costumes

Character act


Stand on stage





Language Finland/Swedish and English

My Company : Laura Craft

Stockholm Sweden

E-mail: contact@lauracraft.net